Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The choices we make...

reveal the true nature of our character."  The message is strong, and in this moving Guinness ad created by BBDO New York, unmistakably powerful.  It made me pause, from an unbelievably busy week, to reflect for a moment on that.  In just two years, we now employ nearly a hundred employees on three continents.  As we steer our company onto the global stage, the choices we make do indeed reveal our true natures -- and to a large audience.  We have chosen to push forward and grow the right way, believe in our mission and goals, believe in people, smile, build better systems, learn, educate, laugh heartily at ourselves on occasion, make people smile genuinely, do the right thing without fail, and always be kind.  I'm proud of our choices and the people who are making them.

As we launch our new multimedia campaign to tell the world about Boston East India Hotels and our Troca Hotels collection, I look forward to our work being as compelling and ultimately effective as this piece.  Stay tuned and let us know.  

Click here for a link to the video

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