Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodbye my dear Sammy Dog...

Samantha "Sammy Dog" Das
August 2000 - August 16, 2009

A prayer for my beloved greyhound, Sammy

Oh dear lord, you have been so kind to me and everyone close to me. You have protected me from harm, helped provide me with abundant love, health, education and sustenance. You have provided me a lovely family, a loving home, and all of the possessions anyone could ever hope for. For a majority of the past decade, you have blessed me, my family, and my friends with the love and affection of one of your servants. Our dear Sammy Dog, who you lent us for nine years, has gone back home to you. Please care for her in her new home as you did in her old one. Please pass along the following few words to her:

Goodbye, my sweetheart Sammy Dog. You picked me at the animal shelter all those years ago. I knew so little about greyhounds back then. You walked right over to me, and instantly but silently asked me to look no further. And I never did. You have constantly been by my side, patiently waiting for me to come home, and expressing the kind of unconditional love only you could provide. Through professional turbulence and personal turmoil, you always gave me your kind and compassionate support. You never complained, never doubted, never acted in anger. You just loved.

Your grandma, grandpa, all your friends around the world and I will miss you. I am forever grateful to you for making me a kinder, better person. I love you. Goodbye.

Om Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

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