Sunday, June 08, 2008

Home BBQ Done Right
Big Green Egg Smoker and Grill

Savoring the Celtics Game 2 victory in the 2008 NBA Finals was nearly matched by another exceptional experience I recently had while dining on meats cooked on an ingenious little charcoal grill called the "Big Green Egg" that my friend Mitch has at his Chestnut Hill home The device comes in several sizes, and allows for very accurate temperature control. Various attachments also add to the cooking possibilities.

The art to this grill and smoker is the ability to use charcoal fired heat to slowly cook meat in a container that protects against moisture loss. You can slow cook or smoke meats for hours and days using this thing. I enjoyed a very tender beef teriyaki skewer and herb encrusted steak that the Big Green Egg had produced under Mitch's guidance. In the day and age of stainless steel gas fired grills mass produced in China and sold at Home Depot, the Big Green Egg stands apart. It is definitely worth checking out this American designed grill and smoker
which is sold only through distributors and, on occasion, on ebay.

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rajat said...

The Ribeye from the Big green Egg: A+